Our Mission

Simental Industries Ltd. mission is to develop new, innovative systems and technological solutions to build better, safer, smarter, more resilient communities. Our mission is to develop solutions that make the world resilient to crime, disasters, climate change and the environment. Solutions and products that revolutionize the way we integrate cyber and physical security, safety, emergency preparedness, disaster mitigation, and community resilience into our society.

Why is this important?

Throughout the history of humanity, our society and communities have always been designed and built with safety, security and resilience as an afterthought or not at all.

What is the impact of safety, security, emergency preparedness and resiliency not being a critical element that is first and foremost in society?

The impact can be seen across every aspect of our lives and society. What has changed since the founding of our nation? We still have the same crimes and disasters that occurred then, still occurring today. Crimes like theft, murder, kidnapping, arson, fires, floods, disasters of all types and sizes that continue to devastate America and the rest of the world every year getting worse and worse creating an unsustainable cycle of death and destruction at the cost of people, families and their homes with no end in sight. Making matters worse is political and bureaucratic roadblocks, special interests, poor leadership and an inability by governments to do whats needed to safeguard communities. Families, homes and peoples livelihoods should not be considered acceptable losses.

Our society is becoming desensitized and immune to emergencies and disasters, crime and mass shootings. We have started to accept them as normal. This is not acceptable.

That’s why we have started this company to develop technologies and systems that will revolutionize how we integrate safety, security and emergency preparedness into every aspect of society, culture and our communities. Our mission is to build the systems, foundations and infrastructure that will secure and safeguard our future.

A future where crime, emergencies and disasters are rare and cause far less and less death, damage and destruction.