SHIELD Initiative

Welcome to the Strategic Homeland Security Enterprise Research Initiative – SHIELD.

The SHIELD Initiative is a voluntary research collaborative focused on exploring the forefront of research, science, technology and innovation for the homeland security enterprise. Our goal is to bring together practitioners, academicians and industry to push thought leadership and exploration in critical areas to revolutionize how we approach critical topics in the homeland security enterprise. We aim to build a robust, inclusive community of partners and become a force multiplier in homeland security research. In our own efforts to become part of a greater community of homeland security researchers we found this to be an area that was severely lacking. The SHIELD Initiative’s goal is to build diverse, cross cutting partnerships and networks across the public sector, private sector, academia and industry. Our philosophy is based on the belief that there is a place for EVERYONE in the homeland security enterprise. We hope you’ll join us in confronting some of the biggest problems facing the world today.

SHIELD’s strategic research focus areas serve as critical elements in our vision of the future of the homeland security enterprise. This research when realized will shield and safeguard communities for generations to come. Envisioned in our motto in Latin, “Per Scientia, Salus, Securitas et mollitiam” which means “Through Science, Safety, Security and Resilience”.

3 key research focus areas:

Strategic Future Homeland Security Enterprise Research

Research focused on strategic and future enterprise issues:

  • Systems-Approaches to Emergency Management
  • Integrated Community Public Safety Systems
  • Climate Change Refugees
  • Strategic National Resources, Climate Change & National Security
  • State and Local Civil Defense Integration & Emergency Management
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Management Education
  • Catastrophic Disaster Planning

Science and Technology Integration Research

Research focused on integrating science and new technology into the enterprise:

  • Space Capabilities
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Digital EOC Operations
  • Modelling & Decision Support Systems
  • Real-time, Multi-modal Information Sharing Systems
  • Developing Operations Research Programs in First Responder Organizations

Tactical Operations Re-imagination Research

Research focused on rethinking traditional approaches to operations for present & future response challenges.

  • Future Responder 3.0
  • Responder Tactical Command Systems
  • Responder Tracking, Accountability, Health & Safety Systems
  • Responder Threat Detection Systems
  • Responder Peer Support Programs

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