About Simental Industries Ltd…

Simental Industries Ltd. was originally founded in February of 2019 as C&S Resiliency Solutions Ltd. by April & Arthur Simental and Christopher Capps. In 2021 C&S Resiliency Solutions Ltd. was reformed as Simental Industries Ltd.

Mr. Simental brought together his closest colleagues that he had been working with for over a decade in the homeland security & emergency management and emergency services to form Simental Industries Ltd. Leadership team for this new venture. While Simental Industries Ltd. as a firm is a new venture, our team has been working together professionally in different roles over the last twelve years.

We came together out of our great drive and desire to create deep, meaningful impacts and change in our communities. We seek to push the known boundaries of what is possible to solve challenges and drive research, science, technology and innovation in the homeland security enterprise.

Pictures from our Years of Service