Simental Industries Ltd. – Shield Initiative Update: Attending & Supporting Public Safety at the Space Symposium 2023

I had an amazing time at the #spacesymposium2023 this week with Simental Industries Ltd. SHIELD Initiative Research Fellows Erin Christon and Jessica Christon. We had the honor of supporting the Space Foundation and its many security partners with public safety for this amazing and unique special event. Special Thanks to the amazing public safety community for all their support and efforts!

We had a blast exploring the massive exhibit centers and had a great time seeing many friends new and old! Even had a chance to stop by the CU system booth and chat with our #UCCS team representing alongside CU Boulder and LASP. We also got to stop by and visit the NCC / Space ISAC and Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC booth and had the unique opportunity to briefly chat with Colorado Governor Jared Polis and share a little about our unique research work in space technology applications for homeland security, emergency management, and climate change adaptation.

Lastly, we had the opportunity to attend a session on international military cooperation in space in which the overarching theme was partnership, cooperation, communication and capability building from an allied community approach and the need for building resilient architectures. I was pleasantly surprised to even hear about the unique nexus of space, homeland defense, and support for emergency and disaster management.

Another year of fantastic memories, opportunities, and networking. Cheers to another successful Space Symposium and looking forward to next year!

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