Simental Industries Ltd. Update: Supporting the National Mill Dog Rescue

Supporting the National Mill Dog Rescue with Emergency Preparedness Planning, Training and Exercise Support

Mr. & Mrs. Simental are long-time animal advocates. Having adopted, loved and cared for several rescues. Mrs. Simental also volunteers her time with National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) helping care for the many rescues that the organization saves and works to find forever homes. The “NMDR’s mission is to RESCUEREHABILITATE and RE-HOME discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry”. Each year the NMDR saves hundreds of dogs who have been abused, neglected and are in desperate need of medical attention, love and care.

After a recent wildland fire near the NMDR campus in El Paso County, Colorado, the NMDR started working to shore up its emergency management program in a great effort to be prepared should a disaster threaten their facility and the many dogs in their care. As the NMDR started the process of emergency planning and Mr. Simental became aware that they had put out a call for assistance and were seeking volunteers to help the NMDR update its emergency plans and training; Mr. Simental jumped at the opportunity to volunteer and support the NMDR’s efforts and provide SI Ltd’s services and the support of his team pro bono as a way to give back to this amazing organization.

We are excited for the opportunity to support and help this amazing organization be prepared and help enable the NMDR to continue its important mission saving discarded breeding dogs. We are proud to help and serve our local community and the NMDR with this unique opportunity.

You can read more about the National Mill Dog Rescue here, and might even find your next furry companion!